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The Value Of Digitalisation In Product-As-A-Service Models

June 20 2024


Achint Varia joined multiple servitisation experts at SET Alliance’s webinar on the value of digitalisation in product-as-a-service models. He joined Dr Naik from The Advanced Services Group, Olli Kuismanen from Tamturbo, and Dimitris Karamitsos from BASE in presenting ideas to a global audience around the synergies between #digitalisation, #servitisation and #circularity and the following:

📱 How digitalisation unlocks the feasibility of servitisation models.

📈 The staircase approach to servitising your products and operations.

🔄 Ways digital tools can optimise energy efficiency and promote circularity.

👥 Real-world examples from leaders in Compressed Air-as-a-Service and digital after-sales management.

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