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Identify machine specific part numbers in seconds

Industrility revolutionizes the process of identifying parts for maintenance and replacement. By using advanced algorithms and machine-readable codes, you can swiftly determine the exact part numbers required for each machine, reducing downtime and streamlining the procurement process.

3D Bill-of-material

Visualize the intricate details of each machine’s bill of materials in a three-dimensional format. This immersive representation offers a comprehensive view of how components are interconnected, aiding technicians in understanding the machine’s structure and optimizing maintenance procedures.

Two-click eCommerce with accurate parts

The integration of two-click eCommerce capabilities allows for rapid and accurate ordering of parts. By aligning the digital parts system with online purchasing, you enhance convenience, reduce order errors, and expedite the delivery of genuine components.

Genuine parts detection

Implement advanced authentication mechanisms to detect genuine parts from counterfeit alternatives. This safeguard ensures the reliability and longevity of machines, preventing potential hazards resulting from the use of substandard or incompatible components

Pro-active parts reminders

Enable automated reminders for parts replacement based on usage and maintenance schedules. This proactive approach minimizes unexpected breakdowns, maximizes machine uptime, and optimizes maintenance operations for enhanced operational efficiency.

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