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Imagine delighting your customers with easy reordering, proactive reminders, and guaranteed parts validity and compliance. Parts is no regular B2B e-commerce portal. Say YES to delighting your customers and building strong relationships by making re-ordering parts easy, sending proactive reminders, ensuring parts validity and genuineness, and maintaining compliance—all through your personalized e-commerce portal. Start being more than a product company today.


Digitally Explode Machinery To Enable Easier Parts Reordering

Enable Hassle-Free Parts Identification and Purchasing

Upload your native CAD files or integrate Parts into your PLM system, and our aftersales system will swiftly extract all relevant data to display your products as 3D models within minutes. Parts ensures compliant parts are detected. Gone are the days of relying on Excel sheets, sharepoint and relying on calls to purchase parts. Say goodbye to the hassle of downloading or installing additional software—Parts App manages everything seamlessly.


Enable End To End E-Commerce

Let dealers and customers easily create shopping carts, enter details, and complete their replacement part purchases. Enable parts subscriptions, genuine parts, email quotations and customized pricing strategies. Integrations with multiple ERP platforms is possible. Complete purchases through an e-invoice or request for more information. Set up payment options for leading portals and say adios to manual invoicing and cash flow issues with Parts  

Eliminate manual order form processing

Say goodbye to spending hours or even days on manual part data updates. By doing so, you’ll avoid the risk of your dealers and buyers using outdated part information. Update sales invoice of materials, changes and prices in real time, as well as retrieve order information from our system. Never create order forms manually again or deal with outdated parts information. Ensure only genuine parts are being used. Parts lets you keep your aftersales digital thread in one platform for easy access and management. 


Provide access to easily replaceable parts & kits

Ensure that users have access to compliant and reliable parts for their maintenance and repair needs and kits are easily accessible for sale. Check for validity and ensure that all parts listed comply with relevant regulations and standards, such as genuineness, safety, environmental, and quality standards and meet the required quality standards.

Easily acquire accurate and reliable parts information

Ensure that all information related to machinery parts, such as part numbers, descriptions, specifications, and compatibility information, is accurate and up to date including all parts listed in the application are up to required standards and specifications. This may include certification requirements or quality checks conducted by the manufacturer or supplier.  


Why Choose Parts?

Discover the transformative impact of a truly unified parts identification experience. With Parts App, benefits aren’t just features – they’re game-changers for manufacturers.

AI-Powered Parts Identification

AI-Powered Parts Identification

Our app utilizes advanced AI algorithms to accurately identify parts based on images, descriptions, or part numbers, reducing the risk of incorrect identification

Digital Twin Integration

Digital Twin Integration

Seamlessly integrates with digital twin platforms to access real-time data on equipment and parts, ensuring accurate matching and ordering.

Compatibility Check

Compatibility Check

Checks for genuiness and validity of selected parts with existing equipment and other parts, ensuring seamless integration and functionality.

Future-Ready for Manufacturing 4.0

Future-Ready for Manufacturing 4.0

Built with scalability and adaptability in mind, our app is designed to evolve with the industry, incorporating new technologies and standards as they emerge.

User-Friendly Interface

User-Friendly Interface

Parts features an intuitive interface that is easy to navigate, making it simple for technicians and procurement teams to find and order the right parts.

Analytics and Reporting

Analytics and Reporting

Parts provides comprehensive analytics and reporting tools to track parts usage, procurement patterns, and equipment performance, enabling data-driven decision-making.

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How does the parts app ensure accurate parts identification?

Our parts app uses advanced AI algorithms to analyze images, descriptions, and part numbers, ensuring accurate identification and reducing the risk of incorrect parts orders.

Can your app help prevent wrong parts orders?

Yes, our app includes a robust verification process for parts orders, which helps prevent wrong parts from being ordered, ultimately saving time and resources.

How does your app integrate with digital twin platforms?

Parts seamlessly integrates with digital twin platforms to access real-time data on equipment and parts, ensuring accurate matching and ordering for OEMs.

Is your app compatible with different types of equipment and parts?

Yes, Parts is designed to be compatible with a wide range of equipment and parts, ensuring that OEMs can use it across their entire product portfolio.


How does your app contribute to the future of manufacturing 4.0?

Parts is designed to be future-ready, with scalability and adaptability in mind. It incorporates new technologies and standards as they emerge, helping OEMs stay ahead in the rapidly evolving manufacturing landscape.

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