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compressors and generators

Manage the rainbow compressor rooms with ease to deliver higher uptime

Manage your installed base of your compressors but also the complete compressor rooms for your customers to reduce the risk of machine downtime and moving from reactive to a pro-active service model.

work orders

Are you able to capture the aftermarket entitlement over the lifetime of your equipment

Industrility helps you manage various service contracts over the 20+ years of the equipment lifetime by incentivizing the customers, providing transparency and helping you capture the maximum service and parts revenue from each machine.

Make doing business with you easy for your customers, distributors and service representatives

Industrility uses digital-twins, VR and AI/ML to help your partners easily identify the right parts, incentivize them to use genuine parts and increase your aftermarket conversions and margins with a SaaS solution.


Adding connectivity (IoT) to deliver maximum operational uptime, efficiency and improving asset lifetime

Enhance operational uptime, efficiency, and asset lifetime by adding connectivity, delivering key business outcomes like uptime, efficiency, asset health, energy efficiency, and auditability with a scalable and cost-effective SaaS solution

Making Air-as-a-service a reality

Air-as-a-service requires a digital and connected compressor system, a financial processes, and transformation of all teams. Industrility offers a complete service, including strategic consulting, applications, and connectivity, to help you deliver the vision of air-as-a-service.

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