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Industrial and Commercial OEMs lose after-sale revenue from its installed base

Industrial and Commercial OEMs lose after-sale revenue from its installed base. There is no data about parts and services. It comes only when its too late – Warranty Claim is filed.

Get instant access to all documents & files of your machines

All relevant documents and files associated with your machines are instantly accessible. By linking documentation to QR codes, users can quickly retrieve user manuals, schematics, technical specifications, and other essential resources, simplifying troubleshooting, maintenance, and operational tasks

QR code to Specific documentation

Manuals, Commissioning reports, FAT reports, service bulletins, and Warranty documentation. This targeted approach streamlines information retrieval, ensuring that users get the most relevant and accurate documentation for their needs.

Standard Operating Procedure Manuals available on demand

Through the use of QR codes and digital platforms, you can offer training materials that cater to both generic and customer-specific needs.

Modernized generic or customer specific training

This training can be monetized, creating an additional revenue stream while ensuring that users have the necessary skills and knowledge to operate and maintain the machines effectively

Generative AI based Chatbot with the Manuals

By integrating generative AI technology with the available manuals, you can offer users a platform that provides real-time assistance. TwinGPT can answer questions, guide users through troubleshooting, and provide step-by-step instructions based on the content of the manuals, enhancing user support and self-service capabilities.

Parts and Services

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