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Faster-First-Time Fix, Reduce Downtime

Digitizing service operations leads to quicker initial issue resolution, minimizing downtime, effective contract management, improved compliance tracking, and enhanced service timeline visibility

Asset Lifecycle Management, Digital Servitization Consulting

Manage your Maintenance/Warranty Contracts for the Installed base

Industrility offers a centralized platform for efficiently managing maintenance and warranty contracts associated with your installed base. From tracking expiration dates to scheduling service visits, this system enhances oversight and accountability

Maintenance compliance transparency

Gain clear insights into maintenance compliance across your machines. By capturing and storing maintenance records digitally, you ensure adherence to schedules and identify patterns that can inform predictive maintenance strategies.

Timeline of all the events on the Asset

Maintain a comprehensive timeline that documents all significant events related to each asset. This historical record aids in understanding a machine’s performance over time, facilitating data-driven decisions and offering a valuable resource for analysis.

From reactive to preventive & proactive

No matter how extensive your maintenance schedules currently are now or will be in the future -Industrility’s installed base will help you stay on top of things and to free up time for more important tasks.

Boost your reliability with maintenance plans

Technicians can document maintenance steps through photos, videos, and audio recordings, ensuring accurate and consistent procedures for optimal machine reliability

Identify and carry specific spare-part number

Equip technicians with the ability to swiftly identify and source the correct spare part numbers for each machine. This reduces downtime by expediting the process of acquiring and installing replacement components.

Seemless integration into other systems

Seamlessly integrate the digital service system with other existing software solutions, enabling efficient data sharing and process synchronization across various departments, such as sales, inventory management, and customer support.

Parts and Services

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