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Webinar - Are You Ready for AI? AI Preparedness for Servitization

April 26 2024


The Future of Manufacturing is AI-Powered

AI is transforming manufacturing and accelerating servitization, but are you prepared? This webinar will explore the current state of AI adoption in manufacturing and help you identify where your company stands.

Join Prof. Andreas Schroeder and Dr. Parikshit Naik from The Advanced Services Group, authors of a recent white paper on AI preparedness in the manufacturing sector, as well as our CRO Achint Varia (Industrility) as the Industry Expert; provide actionable strategies for your business.

Learn from the Experts

  • Discover the three key stages of AI preparedness for manufacturers
  • Understand the challenges and opportunities of AI exploitation.
  • Gain insights on how to leverage AI to optimise your servitization journey
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