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Grow your Installed Base and After-sale Program with our Solutions

As a machine manufacturer, you know that well-executed aftermarket strategy can maximize profitability, increase operational cash flows, improve customer experience and grow your installed base. Unlock the aftermarket revenue flywheel with Industrility’s innovative solutions

Industrial service agreements
Aftermarket revenue flywheel
Dynamic QR Code to Documents

Quick Access to Documents, Spare Parts and BOM using Dynamic QR Codes

Give your customers, dealers and partners quick access to documents such as cutsheets, datasheets, operational manuals, commissioning information, regulatory certificates and also spare parts lists, as-built Bill of Materials (BOM) and service BOM with a quick scan of QR Code. Enable full self-service and reduce unwanted support requests.

One Stop Shop

Your Complete After-Sales Solution all Under One Roof

As a machine manufacturer, you can now offer your customers a comprehensive one-stop shop after-sales solution for all your needs. From maintenance and repairs to spare parts and technical support to advanced services contracts and machine-as-a-service, we provide a seamless and convenient solution that is easy to deploy, cost-effective, and ready to scale.

Generative AI platform
Aftersales Customer Portal

Unlock the Power of Aftermarket Entitlement: Boost Uptimes, and Reduce Costs

Customized/white-labelled solution for machine manufacturers to capture the full potential of aftermarket entitlement, building a loyalty loop and improving customers outcomes of higher uptimes and lowering TCO. Make it easy for your customers to do business with you

Remote Monitoring and Troubleshooting

Real-Time Machine Support Anytime, Anywhere

Using Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure as our technology partners we offer a SaaS Solution with advanced remote monitoring capabilities to proactively monitor, observe and troubleshoot your machines in real-time. We enable you to support your customers with swift resolutions, reducing the need for onsite visits and saving you valuable time and resources.

Uptime Program

Maximize Productivity, Minimize Downtime - Our Uptime Program Has You Covered

Offer an uptime program to your customers for your critical machines to optimize the machine performance and reliability of your devices. With proactive maintenance schedules, regular inspections, and predictive analytics to anticipate maintenance needs you can maximize the cost of service while delivering the highest uptime and increased margins. The customers benefit from higher productivity, profitability, and lower risk. Launching an uptime program does not need to take years – we can help you do that in months.

Loyalty Program with Warranty Rewards

Rewarding Loyalty and Elevating Your Brand

Build a loyalty loop with your customers and achieve higher repeat business and after-sales business by more than 24% while increasing your brand reputation. You can now offer a B2B loyalty program that rewards your customer’s commitment. Offer exclusive benefits, such as extended warranties, priority service, and special discounts on parts and services. Appreciate your customer’s loyalty with our program and see your profit margins sky rocket

Asset Performance Management

Optimize Performance, Drive Continuous Improvement

Our asset performance management solutions leverage data analytics and predictive modeling to optimize your machine’s performance. We provide insights into usage patterns, maintenance trends, maintenance compliance, and performance benchmarks, empowering you to make informed decisions and drive continuous improvement for your products. You can now provide these benefits and benchmarks to your customers to optimize asset performance and resource utilization.

Installed Base Management

Efficiency Unleashed - Managing Your Machines with Precision

Our installed base management services enable you to keep track of your machines throughout their lifecycle. Industrility is unique where we offer an asset-centric digital-twin approach to manage your installed base which means you can really unlock value at a very granular level. We maintain comprehensive records, including maintenance history and spare parts usage, ensuring accurate inventory management and timely maintenance planning

Dealer Service Portal

Empowering Dealers with Unparalleled Customer Service

You might be doing a lot or all of your business through your dealer network and hence you would not know who the end owner is or what your installed base is. We understand that. Our dealer services portal connects you to your authorized dealers and your customers and provides valuable resources and support. From training materials and technical documentation to order management and marketing resources, you can now empower your dealers to deliver exceptional after-sales services and strengthen customer relationships.

Sustainability ESG Reporting

Measuring Success, Preserving Our Planet - Sustainability at Industrility

We understand the importance of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) reporting. Our after-sales services include comprehensive sustainability reporting, allowing you to monitor and report on key performance indicators related to energy utilization, efficiency, emissions reduction, and the opportunity to offset.

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Unlock the Power of Aftermarket Entitlement: Boost Uptimes, and Reduce Costs

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