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Webinar - Practical Application of GenAI for Machine Manufacturers

April 9 2024


Everytime you think about adding aftersales value for your customers as an OEM or otherwise, think of us. Because we’re thinking of you. 


“But Jinesh how am I supposed to win at  the customer experience game?”


It’s quite simple really. 

Our April 9th online webinar  showed how delightful your customer experience game can become by utilising GenAI and your manufacturing machine’s digital twin.


Upgrade your service game, effortlessly.


During this 30-minute LIVE, value-packed webinar, we discussed the following:

  1. Rise and success of AI and LLMs in driving service productivity 
  2. GenAI use-cases for machinery manufacturers 
  3. Driving better customer experience 
  4. Live demo of Industrility’s TwinGPT (white-labelled solution optimised for manufacturers) and much, much more 
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