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Service Deficiency: The Untold Impact of Neglected Aftersales Support in Industrial Landscapes

The Costly Consequences of Neglecting Aftersales Support in Industrial Companies

The lack of effective aftersales support in industrial companies can have various negative impacts on customer satisfaction, brand reputation, and overall business success. Here are some common consequences along with examples

Customer Dissatisfaction

Example: A manufacturing company produces industrial machinery but fails to provide timely and effective technical support for its products. Customers experiencing breakdowns or malfunctions are left without quick resolution, leading to frustration and dissatisfaction.

Reduced Customer Loyalty

Example: An industrial equipment supplier neglects to offer comprehensive training and educational resources for its customers. As a result, clients struggle to maximize the full potential of the purchased equipment, leading to a lack of loyalty as they may seek alternatives with better support.

Impact on Brand Reputation

Example: A renewable energy company produces wind turbines but doesn’t invest adequately in maintaining and servicing its installed base. As a consequence, turbine failures become more frequent, tarnishing the company’s reputation for reliability and quality.

Lost Revenue Opportunities

Example: A manufacturer of industrial automation systems does not offer regular service, parts, software updates and patches for its products. This lack of ongoing support leads to increased vulnerabilities, potential security breaches, lower profitability and a loss of revenue as customers seek alternative solutions.

Higher Maintenance Costs for Customers

Example: An automotive component supplier does not provide readily available replacement parts for its products. This forces customers to source components from third parties at higher costs, increasing the overall cost of maintenance and diminishing the value proposition.

Unresolved Technical Issues

Example: A technology company launches a new line of industrial sensors but fails to establish a dedicated support team. Customers facing technical challenges struggle to get timely assistance, leading to prolonged downtimes and disruptions in their operations.

Increased Warranty Claims and Legal Issues

Example: A manufacturer of heavy machinery neglects to address known quality issues in its products. As a result, customers experience frequent breakdowns, leading to an influx of warranty claims and potential legal disputes, negatively impacting the company’s finances.

Difficulty in Upselling and Cross-selling

Example: A company offering industrial automation solutions does not actively engage with customers post-sale. As a result, opportunities for upselling additional features or cross-selling complementary products are missed, impacting overall revenue potential.

Long-Term Business Erosion

Example: A materials processing equipment manufacturer does not keep its products compatible with evolving industry standards. This lack of adaptability leads to obsolescence, eroding the company’s long-term business prospects as customers seek more modern and supported solutions.

Industrilty’s after-sales app platform and consulting services enables equipment manufacturers to launch, manage and scale their aftersales function, build a special customer link building a customer intimacy, improving superior customer satisfaction, better brand reputation; All of this without being a big and long IT project.


In summary, the negative impact of a lack of aftersales support in industrial companies is far-reaching, affecting customer relationships, brand perception, and financial performance. Companies that neglect the importance of post-sale support risk losing competitive advantages and jeopardizing their long-term sustainability in the market.

– Achint Varia


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