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Carbon Footprint Reduction Made Easy

The manufacturing sector is responsible for approximately 23% of global carbon emissions, according to the International Energy Agency (IEA). This significant contribution to greenhouse gases highlights the urgent need for manufacturers to adopt sustainable practices. For industrial OEMs, leveraging advanced technology is essential to achieving these sustainability goals. The Decarbonize app from is a robust solution, part of the installed base bundle of apps, is designed to help manufacturers reduce their carbon footprint and enhance their sustainability efforts.

Close your eyes and imagine a world where you can reduce your carbon footprint while being able to sell predictive  maintenance services, telling customers where to make tweaks in their manufacturing stack for immediate higher output and performance, and creating a more reliable fleet of machinery while enabling higher customer satisfaction.

Now open your eyes. The Decarbonize app helps you achieve all of this and so much more. 

Not just another app

Worried about your output? Unsure of how to become more sustainable without sacrificing output? We’ve got you covered – the Decarbonize app is an innovative tool that empowers manufacturers to monitor, manage, and mitigate their carbon emissions effectively. By integrating advanced data analytics and IoT capabilities, the app provides real-time insights into energy consumption, production inefficiencies, and emission sources within the manufacturing process. This comprehensive analysis allows companies to pinpoint specific areas for improvement, leading to substantial reductions in their overall carbon emissions.

Locating where your fleet of machines are

One of the key features of the Decarbonize app is its ability to map the installed base of machinery. By collecting and analyzing data from various equipment, manufacturers gain a detailed understanding of each machine’s location, usage, and performance. This information is crucial for optimizing operations and enhancing efficiency. By identifying underperforming machines and areas with high energy consumption, manufacturers can implement targeted improvements that significantly reduce carbon output.


Take A Look

Time To Sell More Predictive Maintenance Services With Decarbonize

Here’s how Decarbonize helps reduce your carbon footprint while relieving customers with zero downtime, higher output and a greener fleet of machines

Improving your machinery’s longevity and productivity

Sustainability is intrinsically linked to the longevity and efficiency of manufacturing equipment. The Decarbonize app aids in extending machine lifecycles by predicting maintenance needs and preventing breakdowns through proactive monitoring. Ensuring that machines operate at optimal efficiency minimizes energy waste and reduces emissions. Additionally, well-maintained equipment often requires fewer replacements, leading to lower resource consumption and a smaller environmental impact.

Helping you sell more genuine parts and services

The Decarbonize app also supports manufacturers in generating aftermarket revenue by identifying opportunities for energy-efficient upgrades and sustainable product offerings. For instance, the app can pinpoint machines that would benefit from retrofitting with more efficient components or suggest the use of eco-friendly materials. By providing these sustainable solutions to customers, manufacturers can not only reduce their own carbon footprint but also assist their clients in achieving their sustainability objectives.

Being a friend to the environment

Several manufacturers have already realized significant benefits from using the Decarbonize app. For example, a leading OEM managed to reduce its energy consumption by 15% within the first year of implementation. By optimizing machine performance and adopting energy-efficient practices, the company not only reduced costs but also significantly decreased its greenhouse gas emissions.


Our Decarbonize app helps OEMs offer valuable, sustainable services to their customers. OEMs win when they utilise real-time monitoring, predictive maintenance, energy-efficient upgrades, customized reports, and comprehensive support, helping their customers reduce their carbon footprint and improve operational efficiency. As sustainability becomes a critical focus for businesses worldwide, the Decarbonize app positions OEMs to lead the charge in providing environmentally friendly solutions.

The Decarbonize app from is a powerful tool for manufacturers aiming to reduce their carbon footprint and maintain sustainability. By offering detailed insights into energy usage, machine performance, and emissions, the app enables companies to make informed decisions that drive efficiency and sustainability. As the industrial sector continues to evolve, tools like Decarbonize will be essential in helping manufacturers lead the way toward a greener, more sustainable future.

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