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Activate Digitized Site Inspections For Seamless Collaboration and Faster Data Collection

Do your field teams struggle to collect data on site visits? Meet The Walkthrough app designed to revolutionize how OEMs improve their site walkthrough approach. Now your field teams are now empowered to capture installed base data via mobile app capabilities and deliver machinery data that could reduce downtime. Field inspection teams can now collect data seamlessly through a single intuitive app that can show you where customer machinery require services such as maintenance. Enjoy operational excellence and acquire a lot more data and value from each site visit. 

Is Your Field Inspection Team Facing
The Following Issues?

Our research showed multiple field inspection teams needing a unified solution to solve these problems.

Long paper trails and checklists

Zero visibility over processes

Inefficient Data Management Systems

Poor Communication Systems

Delayed Updates

Manual Data Collection

What Walkthrough Helps You Achieve

Capture a Comprehensive Asset Registry

Utilize our robust feature and intuitive app platform to capture a comprehensive asset registry. You can empower your field teams to meticulously document every piece of machinery and equipment on-site, ensuring no asset goes unnoticed. Field teams can quickly and accurately record all relevant details of each asset, including model numbers, serial numbers, installation dates, and maintenance history. This thorough documentation ensures a complete and precise asset registry where all team members work with up-to-date data. 

Identify failure points and potential improvements

Every potential or existing failure point of your customer’s machinery is a goldmine of aftermarket revenue – our app ensures these points are highlighted to you and your field teams and suggests potential improvements. Use Walkthrough to practively identify patterns and trends that may indicate potential failure points enabling field teams to address issues before they escalate, minimizing downtime and reducing the risk of costly repairs.

Improve Mobile Data Capture Capabilities

Build out smarter field teams with customised templates, image-capturing capabilities and digital signature capturing. Site data is easily captured, shared and collated for analysis allowing field teams to achieve more in a shorter period of time. 


Why Choose The Walkthrough App?

Discover the transformative impact of a truly personalized e-commerce experience. With Industrility’s Walkthrough App, acquire more site visit data seamlessly and present actionable datapoints for higher customer satisfaction.

Improved Installed Base Capture

Improved Installed Base Capture

The app enables field teams to capture a comprehensive registry of all installed assets, including detailed information such as model numbers, serial numbers, and maintenance history.

Reduced Machinery<br>Downtime

Reduced Machinery

By identifying potential failure points and recommending proactive maintenance actions, the app helps OEMs reduce machinery downtime.

Increased Aftersales Revenue

Increased Aftersales Revenue

By providing field teams with the tools and insights they need to identify new revenue opportunities, the app helps OEMs maximize their aftersales revenue potential.

Optimized Asset Lifecycle Management

Optimized Asset Lifecycle Management

The app helps OEMs optimize the lifecycle of their assets by providing tools for installation, maintenance planning, performance monitoring, and decommissioning.

Enhanced Field Team Productivity

Enhanced Field Team Productivity


The app streamlines the site walkthrough process, providing field teams with easy access to relevant information and tools. 

Customized and personalised UI

Customized and personalised UI

Pick and choose your modules and sections that will help your teams with effortless inspections.

Take A Look

Shouldn't Your Field Teams Execute Data-Driven Site Visits With Ease?

Take A Closer Look At The Sleek And Efficient Walkthrough app


How does the app help in activating more aftersales revenue?

The app enables field teams to identify new revenue opportunities by capturing detailed information about installed assets and recommending proactive maintenance and upgrade solutions. 

How does the app capture the installed base effectively?

The app provides tools for field teams to document every asset on-site, including model numbers, serial numbers, and maintenance history, ensuring a comprehensive registry of installed assets. 

How does the app reduce machinery downtime?

The app identifies potential failure points in machinery and recommends proactive maintenance actions, helping OEMs reduce downtime by addressing issues before they escalate. 

How does the app enhance field team productivity?

The app streamlines the site walkthrough process, providing field teams with easy access to relevant information and tools, allowing them to perform more inspections in less time. 

How does the app support data-driven decision making?

The app captures and analyzes data from site walkthroughs, providing OEMs with valuable insights into asset performance and condition, enabling them to make informed decisions about maintenance strategies and aftersales initiatives. 

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